ed. by Józef Grabski, Janusz Wałek
1989 Cracow-Vienna
250 x 235 mm, 46 pages
On the cover: Leonardo da Vinci, Lady with an Ermine,
oil on walnut panel, 53,4 × 39,3 cm, Czartoryski Collection, Cracow

The famous portrait was lent by the Czartoryski Collection, National Museum, Cracow, to the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., for the exhibition "Circa 1492: Art in the Age of Exploration" (October 1991-January 1992). This book was prepared in order to help introduce the work, very rarely seen outside Poland, to an American public. The aim was to enhance the pleasure of discovery with essays by noted specialists on the meaning and history of this masterpiece. 



This catalogue was prepared as an accompaniment for Leonardo da Vinci's Portrait of a Lady with an Ermine on the longest journey in its 500-year history – from the historical Polish city of Cracow to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, where it is currently on loan as one of the highlights of the exhibition “Circa 1492. Art in the Age of Exploration“ (October 1991—January 1992).
IRSA Publishing House is extremely grateful to all those involved in the creation of the catalogue, especially to Janusz Wałek, Curator of Painting at the National Museum in Cracow, and Director of the Czartoryski Collection, who planned the general concept and oversaw the editorial work. The texts he has chosen reflect the body of modern Polish research into the painting, including analysis of thorough scientific examinations, and in most cases the essays, though previously published elsewhere, will here be accessible for the first time to an international readership. Janusz Wałek has of necessity edited and abridged them to avoid repetitions.
IRSA sincerely thanks the former longtime Director of the Czartoryski Collection and present Polish Minister of Culture, Marek Rostworowski, for his support and goodwill during the catalogue‘s preparation, as well as David Alan Brown, Curator of Italian Renaissance Painting at the National Gallery of Art in Washington.
Thanks are also due Dorota Dec and Anna Krawczyk of the Czartoryski Museum in Cracow, Barbara Szyper for her editing of the technical texts, and Andrzej Starmach of the Starmach Gallery in Cracow.
IRSA would like to acknowledge with particular gratitude the translating and editorial work of Dr. Witold Czartoryski, without whose help this catalogue would not have been possible.
Vienna, September 1991
Director, IRSA
JANUSZ WAŁEK — Leonardo the Explorer 
MAREK ROSTWOROWSKI — Leonardo da Vinci's Lady with an Ermine 
ZDZISŁAW ŻYGULSKI, JR. — Costume Style and Leonardo's Knots in the Lady with an Ermine 
MARIA RZEPIŃSKA — Some Questions about the Model for the Lady with an Ermine 
KAROL ESTREICHER — Some Remarks on the X-Rays of the Lady with an Ermine 
RUDOLF KOZŁOWSKI — An Examination of Lady with an Ermine 
KAZIMIERZ KWIATKOWSKI — Scientific Analysis of the Lady with an Ermine