On 5 July 2012 in the IRSA Institute took place a promotion of the book by Professor Stanisław Mossakowski (Art Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences), entitled King Sigismund Chapel at Cracow Cathedral (1515-1533), the latest addition to the Bibliotheca Artibus et Historiae series.


The book is an english version of the polish book "Kaplica Zygmuntowska (1515-1533). Problematyka artystyczna i ideowa mauzoleum króla Zygmunta I", for which Profesor Mossakowski has ben awarded the prestigious prize of the Foundation for the Polish Science (FNP). The promotion was attended, among others, by the author Stanisław Mossakowski, Director of the IRSA Institute dr. Józef Grabski with his wife Maria, professors Marcin Fabiański (Jagiellonian University and Wawel Royal Castle in Cracow) and Ireneusz Płuska (Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow), translator Krystyna Malcharek, editors Maria Reklewska, dr. Magdalena Kunińska and dr. Jakub Adamski, and the designer of the book's new layout Alicja Grochal (Lettra-Graphic).


In the picture (from the left): professor Stanisław Mossakowski, professor Ireneusz Płuska, professor Marcin Fabiański, Maria Reklewska, Krystyna Malcharek, Father Piotr Guzik, Wiesław Czuba.


Name Inaugural speech of dr. Józef Grabski, director and founder of the IRSA Institute.


Discussions during the promotion.