Malewicz: Beyond Censorship – a New Book by Andréi Nakov

The aim of this book is to question a certain number of anti-modernist visual and cultural prejudices. Advancing ever further in his interpretation of the artist’s œuvre, Andréi Nakov uncovers hidden layers of a creative production that shows itself to be increasingly important to our comprehension of 20th-century modernity.

IRSA Celebrates the Centenary of Jan Białostocki’s Birth

On 14th August we celebrated the centenary of Professor Jan Białostocki’s birth.

On this occasion IRSA wants to call your atention to a set of excellent articles by Professor Jan Białostocki published by us. Therefore we have prepared special discounts on a book and three volumes of “Artibus et Historiae” which include papers by Professor Białostocki.