The idea of starting a new art periodical and a research institute as its subsidiary, originated with Dr Józef Grabski at the end of the 1970s. His initiative was carried to fruition by a group of art historians gathered after the International Congress of the History of Art (CIHA) in Bologna in 1979, where IRSA as a research Institute and as a publisher (IRSA Publishing House) came into being. That same year (but dated already 1980) the first issue of Artibus et Historiae, appeared.

Artibus et Historiae, a refereed scholarly journal, has been our flagship publication. Nonetheless, during over 40 years of its activity IRSA has published a number of important books on art and art history.

A series of books entitled Bibliotheca Artibus et Historiae, which contains essays and monographs of prominent art historians, occupies a special position among our publications.

The involvement of the IRSA Institute in the field of art exhibition yielded a number of art exhibition catalogues. Many of them serve as basic references in the research of both Old Masters and contemporary artists.