BEATA SARAPATA. W żywiole piękna

Catalogue of landscape paintings created by Beata Sarapata in 2005 and 2006. Presented works, inspired by the beauty of the mountains and the poetry written by Józef Tischner, reveal the artist’s sensitivity and her ability to analyse the details of the world aroud her and make them subjects of almost abstract colour compositions.


The book presents three new photographic cycles, an installation, and some older works on paper, of which the common denominator is the mask – a leading motif of Stasys’ art – thus giving the reader an opportunity to trace the evolution of Stasys’ iconography and of finding some features that are common to the artist’s entire career.


Catalogue of the exhibition of drawings by Jerzy Tchórzewski (1928–1999), containing reproductions of 162 drawings (44 of them additionally as full-page illustrations), dating from different periods of the artist’s career.