• Cracow 2003
  • 232 × 252 mm, 156 pages
  • 63 full-page colour plates
  • 44 colour illus.
  • 9 b&w photographs
  • ISBN 83-915130-8-4

Catalogue of an exhibition of works by Leon Tarasewicz (b. 1957), a celebrated Polish contemporary artist entitled Leon Tarasewicz meets Michele De Lucchi at the Lawrence Rubin Gallery in Milan. Apart from critical essays on Tarasewicz’s art (by K. Levin, A. Barzel, A. Szymczyk, Ł. Gorczyca), and interviews with the artist (by B. Czubak and J. Onuch), the book contains full-colour reproductions of all of the exhibited works, a detailed biography of the artist, record of his exhibitions and selected bibliography.


Kim Levin
Leon Tarasewicz: Absolute Landscape

Łukasz Gorczyca
Between Nature and Culture. The Paintings of Leon Tarasewicz

Adam Szymczyk
The Sky, the Earth – without the Horizon

Ammon Barzel
Some Notes for a Theory: the Behavioural Floor Projects of Leon Tarasewicz

Bożena Czubak
‘I Can Stare at Malewicz’s Black Square for Hours Even if there Is Nothing Happening in this Painting…’

Jerzy Onuch
Painting Has Died

Leon Tarasewicz
The Boundaries of Painting…




Selected Bibliography