Stanisław Mossakowski
Ars temporis sui testimonium. Ten Essays in Art History

This book consists of ten articles, written in English, German, French and Italian, between 1962 and 2016. The papers, which discuss subjects ranging from medieval art to the Baroque, have been selected as the author’s most representative studies and deal with the history of architecture and art in relation to the contemporary realm of religious, philosophical, and scientific ideas.

Maria Gordon-Smith

This is the first comprehensive monograph of the French artist Jean-Baptiste Pillement (1728–1808), painter and designer, known to wider audiences mostly for his exquisite and delicate landscapes, but whose importance in the history of art lies primarily in the engravings done after his drawings and their influence in spreading the Rococo style, and particularly the taste for chinoiserie, throughout Europe.

Philipp P. Fehl
Decorum and Wit: The Poetry of Venetian Painting

The union of poetry and painting in the work of the great Venetian painters is the theme linking the eighteen essays by Philipp P. Fehl, brought together in this book. The author’s careful study of individual works of art by Titian, Veronese, and the Tiepolos, among others, disposes once and for all of the notion that Venetian art is aesthetically sublime but intellectually shallow.

Craig Hugh Smyth
Mannerism and ‘Maniera’

“Craig Smyth’s book offers particular ways of thinking about the relationship between the classic and the antique in the mid-sixteenth century, about stylistic patterns, imitation, rule and license. Smyth encourages the reader to think of Mannerism as a process, of the Maniera as a discrete style.”