Jadwiga Kukułczanka
L’Âne qui joue de la lyre

‘L’Âne qui joue de la lyre’ – a legendary script by Jadwiga Kukułczanka, which enchanted Wojciech Jerzy Has and became his last unexecuted film project. Kukułczanka’s play is a ‘total work of art’ – a journey in time and space, full of surprising encounters, reaching back to the tradition of Socratic dialogues.

Jan K. Ostrowski
Portraiture in Old Poland

This landmark book is the first English-language study to tackle its subject in depth. Written by one of Poland’s foremost art historians, it is an essential text for readers keen to look beyond the Western European art centres that have dominated art history since the inception of the discipline.

Andréi Nakov
Malewicz: Beyond Censorship

The aim of the book by Andréi Nakov is to question a certain number of anti-modernist visual and cultural prejudices. Advancing ever further in his interpretation of the Malewicz’s œuvre, Andréi Nakov uncovers hidden layers of a creative production that shows itself to be increasingly important to our comprehension of 20th-century modernity.

Suffering Form: Jerzy Tchórzewski. Painting

This comprehensive survey uncovers a new and as yet unknown face of the artist, surprising with the sheer range of artistic conventions he used and the wealth of his inspirations. The selection of works presented here may significantly change the artistic image of Jerzy Tchórzewski as well as opinions about his painted oeuvre.

DeMATERIALISATIONS in Art and Art-Historical Discourse in the Twentieth Century (Proceedings of a conference held in Tomaszowice on 14–16 May 2017)

This book is the result of a conference that was held at the Cracow Conference Centre at Tomaszowice Manor from 14 to 16 May 2017. Co-organised by the Institute of Art History at the Jagiellonian University and the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, the conference was titled DeMATERIALISATIONS in Art and Art-Historical Discourse in the Twentieth Century.