Suffering Form: Jerzy Tchórzewski. Painting

Publication concept and editorial work: Krystyna Czerni and Józef Grabski

  • Cracow 2020
  • 221 × 286 mm, laminated hardback in slipcase
  • Vol. I: 320 pp., Vol. II: 368 pp., over 1000 illustrations
  • ISBN 978-83-89831-38-5

Publikacja dostępna także w języku polskim pod tytułem Cierpienie formy. Jerzy Tchórzewski. Malarstwo w cenie 414,75 złotych.

The two-volume work, Suffering Form: Jerzy Tchórzewski. Painting, published by IRSA under the editorship of Krystyna Czerni and Józef Grabski, appears to mark the 20th anniversary of the death of Jerzy Tchórzewski (1928–1999).
Volume I: Texts is a collection of essays and scholarly articles focused on analyzing and interpreting the phenomenon of the painting of one of the most interesting Polish artists of the second half of the 20th century. It is the friends, students, critics, and art historians who write about Tchórzewski. The most important texts in this collection were written especially for the present book and are accompanied by a rich selection of illustrations, a chronology, and a complete bibliography.
Volume II: Catalogue encompasses an extensive illustrated section as well as a Catalogue raisonné of the painted oeuvre of Jerzy Tchórzewski, compiled on the basis of a comprehensive archival survey of the painter’s private archives, publications to date, museum and press archives as well as information from private collectors. The catalogue includes also archival black-and-white photographs of the painter’s lost, early works, from the holdings of the Photolibrary of the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. The catalogue section encompasses a broad selection of oil paintings and gouaches by Jerzy Tchórzewski with special emphasis on his lesser-known and often never reproduced works.
Suffering Form: Jerzy Tchórzewski. Painting uncovers a new, as yet unknown, face of the artist, surprising with the sheer range of artistic conventions he used and the wealth of his inspirations. The selection of works proposed by IRSA may significantly change the artistic image of Jerzy Tchórzewski as well as opinions regarding his painted oeuvre.

On the cover: Jerzy Tchórzewski, Night II [detail], 1966–1967; Red Space [detail], 1965. On the slipcase: Jerzy Tchórzewski, In Memory of Father [detail], 1959


Vol. I: Texts


Dorota Folga-Januszewska
Jerzy Tchórzewski: Making Fire

Krystyna Czerni
“A Spark in the Ashes”: On the Painting of Jerzy Tchórzewski

Józef Grabski
Jerzy Tchórzewski: Painter Poet

Frédéric Charmat
Symbols of Art and History

Andrzej Nakov
“Infracerebral Light”: Tchórzewski in the Face of the Art of the Twentieth Century

Joanna M. Sosnowska
Jerzy Tchórzewski: Canon and Influences

Mariusz Hermansdorfer
Jerzy Tchórzewski: The Independent Artist

Mieczysław Porębski
Creation of Light: The Painting of Jerzy Tchórzewski

Jerzy Nowosielski
The Burning Bush: On the Painting of Jerzy Tchórzewski

Jacek Sempoliński
Drawing as a Testimony

Tadeusz Różewicz
Painting at Night

Małgorzata Wichowska
“I warmed my hands in the fire of this painting…” – On the Friendship between Tadeusz Różewicz and Jerzy Tchórzewski (with Julian Przyboś in the Background)

Ernest Bryll
More than Just Painting

Katarzyna Mikstal
The Auto-Destruction of Paintings: The Search for Conservation Solutions for “Composition” (1964) by Jerzy Tchórzewski





Vol. II: Catalogue

Editorial Note

Catalogue of Selected Paintings by Jerzy Tchórzewski

Catalogue raisonné

Published in cooperation with Adam Mickiewicz Institute. Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland as part of the Multi-annual Programme NIEPODLEGŁA 2017–2022 as part of the international cultural programme accompanying the centenary of Poland regaining independence.