An Exhibition of Six Major Polish Painters

  • 1991
  • 240 × 260 mm, 105 pages
  • 40 full-page colour plates
  • ISBN 3-900731-41-1

Catalogue of an exhibition of contemporary Polish art held in November 1991 at the Hammer Galleries in New York. The works of six artists (Henryk Stażewski, Jerzy Tchórzewski, Jerzy Stajuda, Ryszard Winiarski, Janusz Orbitowski, Wojciech Ćwiertniewicz) reflect some of the diverse artistic movements in Poland today. Their work proves that Polish art, despite the devastations wrought by war and Socialist realism, has caught up with the West while developing its own stylistic means of expression.


Richard Lynch

Marek Świca
Contemporary Polish Painting

Andrzej Turowski
Henryk Stażewski

Piotr Krakowski
Jerzy Tchórzewski

Michael Gibson
Jerzy Stajuda

Janina Ładnowska
Ryszard Winiarski

Bożena Kowalska
Janusz Orbitowski

Franciszek Chmielowski
Wojciech Ćwiertniewicz