Marc Chagall
Moje życie

  • Cracow 2003
  • 165 × 240 mm, 268 pp.
  • 31 b&w drawings and
  • 14 full-page etchings by the author
  • hardback / paperback
  • ISBN 83-918454-1-9

Marc Chagall’s youthful autobiography in the first Polish translation by Jolanta Sell. The autobiography includes events which happened between 1887 and 1922. During this time the unique style of Chagall’s work was formed between Vitebsk, Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Paris. The book begins with a “Preface” written by Bella Meyer, the painter’s granddaughter, and ends with lavishly illustrated “Chronology” prepared by Meret Meyer-Graber, the artists’s second granddaughter.