Józef Grabski
The “Madonna della Rovere”: Raphael in the Workshop of Pietro Perugino

  • Rome 2015
  • 200 × 255 mm, hardback
  • 44 pages, 61 illus.
  • ISBN 978-83-89831-28-6

This is a study of the Madonna della Rovere, attributed here to Raphael Santi and dated to the period of his apprenticeship in the workshop of Pietro Perugino.

Having recently reappeared, the tondo representing the Madonna and Child with Two Angels provides us with new material for a reconsideration of the collaboration between artists in the workshop of Perugino. It also furnishes new data for a reassessment of the work of the young Raphael. The tondo’s noble provenance – it was part of the della Rovere family collection for over five hundred years – is an additional factor confirming the work’s importance. Already at first glance the painting can be associated with several works executed in the bottega of Pietro Vannucci, Perugino, at the turn of the Cinquecento, as well as works by the young Raphael.
(from the Introduction)