Andréi Nakov (1941–2022)

On Thursday 19th of May 2022 Andréi Nakov passed away in Brussels.

Professor Nakov was an art historian whose research was focused on the early 20th century avant garde movenents. With great passion and persistence he pursued his work bringing numerous previously unknown information about the lives and artistic outputs of both famous and injustly forgotten artists. From the early 1970s his studies on art theory and essays on Dada, Constructivism, Suprematism and Abstract Art in general were published in French, German, English and in many other languages.

Andréi Nakov  was closely connected with IRSA, which published his books Kandinsky, the Enigma of the First Abstract Painting, Tatlin’s Reliefs: from Cubism to Abstraction and Malewicz: Beyond Censorship as well as articles Is critica d’arte a Relic of the Past? On the New Definition of the Image — Victim of a Misinterpreted Russian Avant-Garde and Devices, Style and Realisation: Professionalism in Malewicz’s Painting Technique in the “Artibus et Historiae” journal.