Portraiture in Old Poland – a New Book by Jan K. Ostrowski

This landmark book is the first English-language study to tackle its subject in depth. Written by one of Poland’s foremost art historians, it is an essential text for readers keen to look beyond the Western European art centres that have dominated art history since the inception of the discipline.

The book serves as an incisive exploration of the subject, yet also as a thought-provoking and at times witty resource on how to approach art in general, with the author spotlighting several pitfalls that can mislead the researcher. Finally, he shows how context and rational deduction can help solve iconographic puzzles. The multi-faceted approach means that the book is arguably unique in international literature on the subject.

Published in collaboration by Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów, Wawel Royal Castle – State Art Collection, and IRSA Foundation for the Promotion of Culture.

The English translation was made possible by a grant from the Lanckoroński Foundation.
Translated from the Polish by Nicholas Hodge and Sabina Potaczek-Jasionowicz.

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