The book presents three new photographic cycles, an installation, and some older works on paper, of which the common denominator is the mask – a leading motif of Stasys’ art – thus giving the reader an opportunity to trace the evolution of Stasys’ iconography and of finding some features that are common to the artist’s entire career.


Catalogue of the exhibition of drawings by Jerzy Tchórzewski (1928–1999), containing reproductions of 162 drawings (44 of them additionally as full-page illustrations), dating from different periods of the artist’s career.

ALEKSANDER KOBZDEJ. Struggle with Substance

Catalogue of the exhibition of paintings of Aleksander Kobzdej (1920–1972), held on the thirtieth anniversary of the artist’s death. The catalogue contains full-page colour reproductions of all exhibited works, which come mostly from the collection of the artist’s family and were hitherto rarely exhibited.

Daedalus and Icarus. Reason and Passion

Catalogue accompanying the exhibition of works of Krystyna Schwarzer-Litwornia, held at the Kordegarda Gallery in Warsaw (November 2002 – January 2003). The book presents the most important of the works so far realised by the artist: both her small glass sculptures and larger, sculptures-installations, of which the most recent one is ‘Daedalus and Icarus’.