A new issue of Artibus et Historiae, 83, 2021, has appeared

Papers included in the volume concern subjects ranging from ecclesiastical narrative cycles carried out during the Italian Middle Ages, to venetian painting including new panels by Giovanni Bellini, to social status of Bernardo Bellotto, to works by Caspar David Firedrich.

Special offer on the publications by Andréi Nakov

IRSA has just published a book by Andréi Nakov concerning the painter Kazimir Malewicz. It is Nakov’s third book on the Russian Avantgarde, after „Kandinsky, the Enigma of the First Abstract Painting” and  „Tatlin’s Reliefs: from Cubism to Abstraction”, published by IRSA.
On this occasion we  offer a set of these three excellent books and selected issues of “Artibus et Historiae” at discounted prices.

Malewicz: Beyond Censorship – a New Book by Andréi Nakov

The aim of this book is to question a certain number of anti-modernist visual and cultural prejudices. Advancing ever further in his interpretation of the artist’s œuvre, Andréi Nakov uncovers hidden layers of a creative production that shows itself to be increasingly important to our comprehension of 20th-century modernity.