A new issue of Artibus et Historiae, 85, 2022, has appeared

Papers included in the volume concern subjects ranging from early Rennaissance sculpture, to venetian paintings by Giovanni Bellini, to the collection of gilt-leather wall-hangings of king Augustus II the Strong, collaboration between the artist Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg and the mathematician and astronomer Georg Frederick Ursin.

Symbols and Forms in Jewish Art – a New Book Published by IRSA

This is an English translation of a classic study on the iconography of Jewish art by Rachel Wischnitzer-Bernstein (1885–1989), originally published in Berlin in 1935 as Symbole und Gestalten der jüdischen Kunst. The present edition will make the legendary book by Rachel Wischnitzer-Bernstein available to wider audiences of international readers for the first time.